Quality and Environment Policy

Movvo, in its different lines of action, establishes its Quality and Environment Policy under the principle of maximizing the Satisfaction of our Clients, as well as that of the rest of the Stakeholders; assuming for this the following commitments:

  • Closeness to the Client, with maximum flexibility , meeting their requirements, needs and, as far as possible, their maxims
  • Compliance with the applicable legislation , as well as all those management references that are demanded.
  • Environmental protection, pollution prevention and sustainable use of resources.
  • Talent management, betting on the training, communication and active participation of our workers, under the care of their
  • Occupational Health & Safety.

All this under the principle of Continuous Improvement that helps us to work with this philosophy, adapting to changes in our environment without
losing our key success factors and respecting the environment in which we carry out our activities.

You can download our Quality and Environment Policy in pdf format by clicking here: MOVVO Quality and Environment Policy

Our quality objectives:

Our quality objectives are linked to standardizing work areas and improving the efficiency of our layouts, as well as optimizing our management tool (ERP). Our environmental program for this period focuses on reducing the waste generated in the mobile division (aqueous solutions, absorbents, used oils and packaging) and avoiding any possible spills.