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Our services Movvo Containers:

We design and manufacture packaging taking into account all its attributes: quality, ergonomics, logistics, maintenance… Our experience and knowledge of the entire logistics chain allows us to develop innovative and tailored solutions according to the needs of each project.

We offer a comprehensive preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance service. We have a highly qualified team to work at the client’s home and at our facilities.

We design and manufacture any type of ad hoc metal solution: manufacture of work benches, improvement of production processes, roller feeding lines, assembly of aerial handling facilities, etc.

At MOVVO Containers we take care of the design, manufacture and maintenance of metal solutions, mainly containers that are necessary for the intralogistics of your company.

Our experience of more than 15 years in the sector supports our expertise and positions us as the ideal partner for comprehensive container management.

We adapt to your needs

Contact MOVVO Containers at the address
Camí Sagraments 19-21
P.I. Sant Ermengol
08630, Abrera, Barcelona