We offer a comprehensive container maintenance and repair service

Our staff is specialized in the repair and maintenance of containers under the highest quality standards. Our experience allows us to apply continuous improvement as one of our key lines of work: we modify and adapt our clients’ structures to apply improvements.


logistical means repaired.

We extend the useful life of the container
23,000 units/year

of improvements and adaptations.

2,000 m2

of facilities.

Preventive Maintenance

Through periodic reviews that include technical, cleaning and painting services, we guarantee the proper functioning and reliability of the containers.

Corrective maintenance

We correct and repair containers and other logistical means that present a technical fault or blow so that they can function again with a full guarantee.

Predictive Maintenance

We use data analytics tools to detect operational anomalies and potential container defects so they can be fixed before failure occurs. Thanks to this analysis, added to the preventive and corrective maintenance that we carry out, we can offer a predictive proposal that will mean significant savings for the client

Maximum quality in the comprehensive repair and maintenance of containers, adapting to the most demanding standards and optimizing the process to improve profitability and minimize costs


We have a wide area of container repair workshops enabled from preventive maintenance or minor damage to deep repairs and structural modifications. We also have a specialized team to carry out the entire process with high quality standards and complying with ISO 9001 certification.


Thanks to MOVVO’s computer system, our entire team can know in real time the status of the client’s entire fleet of containers. Through this program it is possible to consult the stock, in what phase of repair are the containers or what is the state and the location in which they are.


We use a maintenance service optimization system based on data analysis that allows us to proactively detect opportunities for improvement and deviations.