Why do we like the new MOVVO website so much?

Being clear about who you are and what you contribute to your clients (and to society) greatly facilitates the communication of your value proposition . If you also have an expert marketing team that is perfectly aligned with your business, the result is a set of communication supports, including the web, that are very powerful and that help make you known how you want to be perceived.

Normally, we relate web pages to the world of communication and marketing. A good website, experts say, must have an appropriate design, a clear hierarchy, a style in keeping with the brand image and, above all, interesting content that adds value. In addition, it has to be designed to impact and, if possible, interact with the target audience… Well, in our case, in MOVVO’s, the launch of the new website represents much more than adaptation based on communicative and marketing canons ( that we have tried to improve as much as possible). It is the culmination of a process of rethinking our value proposition from the base based on an exercise of looking inside (who we are and what we know how to do well) but above all from a look at the market, to our clients and potential clients (what we can do to add value to them).

It has been an intense process that has required many iterations, but once completed, all communication supports (web included) have been relatively easy to develop.

I invite you to browse our new website, through it you will get to know us better!

aleix escassi excens solutions
Aleix Escassi
CEO of Excens Solutions

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