Disappointing automation processes?

The process of digitalization and automation of processes , within the transformation towards an industry 4.0, is essential and obvious for the competitiveness of our companies.

The reality is that, today, we find more and more companies that are considering giving up on automating their processes. This situation is the result of their bad experiences in starting up their projects, since many times they have encountered long and cumbersome processes that end up with results below their objectives. And this would be the best case scenario, because there are times when even the client has given up and hasn’t ended up implementing the automation.

We are facing a highly worrying situation, both for customers and for companies in the sector. And in this context, I ask myself: What is the reason for all this?

Thanks to my experience in the sector, I dare to say that the main reason is that, at first, the projects may seem relatively easy, but reality has taught us that they are complex. For this reason, it is essential to analyze, understand and plan very well, as well as choose the best solutions. We must bear in mind that, in this type of project, the impact on the production process is very high, and there is also an enormous amount of casuistry of interactions with the environment that is often unknown until it is started. For this reason, I reiterate the importance of carrying out a preliminary study that allows us to choose the machines that best fit the process, and not the other way around, as usually happens. In addition, it is also essential that these machines are highly reliable. Let us remember that the best machine is the one that goes unnoticed, because it does not cause any incidence.

Faced with this situation, it is key to have a partner that has extensive experience in the sector and a high level of knowledge of logistics and production processes; as well as leading the entire project. Not only do we need the start-up, but we also need them to offer us a fast and effective after-sales service.

From the beginning this has been our goal at MOVVO. Reality tells us that in our beginnings we made some of these mentioned mistakes and thanks to old experiences, today we are very proud of being able to ensure the fulfillment of the expectations of our clients’ projects in time and results. So much so, that we assume the return of the machines and all the infrastructure, development and start-up costs if the project does not comply with what was promised.

Juan Valero
MOVVO Advisor

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